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Strange is the Night (Hallowe'en virtual choir)


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It's been a strange year, hasn't it? What with the pandemic, nobody was singing my choral music, so I got some friends together online and organized my own performance! (Plus I had always wanted to write a Halloween choir piece, but choir directors were always like "nah, we'd rather spend October rehearsing Christmas music.") I wrote this fairly straightforward piece as sort of a proof of concept, and originally released it back in October.

Honestly, I probably spent as much time (or more) mixing the audio as I did writing the music. Turns out it's difficult to get 17 singers--all singing with different recording equipment in different acoustics different distances away from the mic--to sound like they're all in the same room! So I'm especially curious if anyone has feedback or tips on the mix.


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Wow this is quite rich harmonically!  You create an otherworldly atmosphere here with the polychords and glissandi you employ.  I feel like I've been transported to this Carcosa you mention.  It doesn't creep me out though - just a mysterious feeling.  I think this recording is quite good despite the difficulties you mentioned.  Maybe someone with more experience with mixing might find more to criticize on that front but I enjoyed it.  Thanks for sharing!

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