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Glenn Gould once famously inquired, "So you want to write a fugue?" Well, yes Glenn I did. So I developed a little subject - as fugue themes sometimes want to be - and off I went. After completing it, someone pointed out that it really wasn't all that fugue-ey, that it did'nt act like a real fugue, didn't feel like one either. Upon a bit of contemplation I had to agree with my friend, my first attempt at fugue-ing did not turn out as I had hoped. Oh, woe was me, with my little still-born, only fugue-ISH, creature. But then I fixed it with a mere twiddling of fingers in Sibelius. I re-christened it and turned it into a Three Part Invention, a transformation stunning in its simplicity and effective-ness and all since then has been right with its world. This is not to say that I or the non-fugue make any claims about its musical value but at least it doesn't need therapy now, there shall be no inferiority complex allowed with him/her.

I give you now a three part invention: 



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