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"Outpost" Piano piece for video game I'm working on

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Hi. I would love to hear any feedback on a piece I made, I can't decide if I like it or not. I don't really know music theory so I'd appreciate simpler pointers if you have any to offer. Thanks!


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I think that you should pay more attention to your dynamics. I get the impression from the piece that it should be a pretty static scene.

But remember- the fact it is calm/non-changing scene doesn't force you to make every aspect of the music so.

If you choose to use static harmony, or a repetitive melody- consider changing the dynamics.

I think that you have in mind the idea that the player is going to stay in this scene for quite a while, which is why you added the intro and outro different parts.

Consider making those longer, more developed and yet more lively within themselves. Take this track for example:

It's long so that each part can be played for long enough. It's a folk tune so the harmony is simple, but listen to the melodies, or the dynamics, they do change throughout each part.

Also I'd love to score a video game, so if you want to only partially score it yourself or know other game developers that are looking for composers-

please let me know (by writing @Rabbival507 to make sure I'll know about that.


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Very nice! 

It sounded to me more like a mid level pianist improvisation, no "wrong" notes, uses of 7m chords, I minor - V minor progression (correct me if I'm wrong) and motifs line, also I heard one cluster in the good context.

It's nice scoring a video game, personally I'm composing music's for an Unreal Engine actionrpg with online features, it's a really solid game and team. 


Wish you good luck! 

Violon Noir

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