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10 Little Variations, Episode and Coda for Main Theme of Max Payne

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Max Payne, since I got to know it back in 2006, has been one of my favorite games. Its atmosphere, the presentation of simple but tragic story, the snow-covered New York City, all of that forever imprinted itself in many ways and partly shaped my taste for good atmospheric games.

The main musical theme of this one remains one of the most recognizable to me. Hearing the very first notes awakens my old, warm memories of a time spent in this dark and atmospheric world.

It was this theme that I thought about writing variations on for a year, but all the time it didn't work out. I had no energy, or even no idea how to write my own variations on such a not very classical musical theme. However, recently, on July 28, quite unexpectedly, I sat down at the piano to practice, and as a result I wrote a variation in one night, originally I had no intention of composing anything at all. 

Even more interesting for me, on July 31, I came across a video from remedy. As it turned out, it was Max Payne's birthday on July 23. It had been 20 years since the game's release.

Well, let this be my little gift and thanks to this game for good memories. I hope the music turned out well. Happy past birthday, Max!



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23 minutes ago, Nelly Visser said:

Well done!!! How long it took to make this video? I remember how I learned main theme (https://musescore.com/mmpiano/max-payne-main-theme) and played it everytime before sleeping and after I played Max Payne, just to calm down after completing missions. And again, fantastic work!   


Thank you! It took me two days to render all the scenes and one day to glue and upload the video to YouTube.

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