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Favorite film music tracks ???

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So I did a quick search for "film music" in the content titles only and surprisingly didn't find a thread for ppl's favorite film music tracks.  So if you have (individual tracks - don't post the whole soundtrack LoL) favorite film music you'd like to share with the rest of your fellow Young Composer film enthusiasts, reply here!  I'll start with this track from the original Jurassic Park movie - Dennis steals the embryo - music by John Williams.  I love the quiet intensity of this track with its midi trombone that was probably state-of-the-art at the time!  LoL


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On 5/12/2022 at 5:08 PM, AngelCityOutlaw said:

This is a "John Williams" fan thread. You watch lol

I'll break the mold early, by posting some Harry Gregson-Williams




No it will not be. Not if I post often. I appreciate enough John Williams stuff of course, but I do not worship the man. I am well verse in all film music and am a damn huge fan of it all. Honestly, making posts in this thread that come from my true opinion wouldn't even lead to a 33% John Williams saturation level.

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Posted (edited)

You probably already know that I dislike film music, hence rarely watch films. I'm more tempted to turn the sound off and bash out a tune on the piano like the old fashioned silent movies!!

But my favourite music written for a film was Villa-Lobos' work for Green Mansions. Unfortunately, the maestro couldn't adapt to the way Hollywood works, treating his music with ignorance and only a little of his score was actually used. He converted his work into a large Suite "Forest of the Amazon." (Floresta do Amazonas).

It contains one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard.

I'll probably be able to think of other film scores I actually liked, enjoyed, at some point.

Edit: When they had real orchestras and composers rather than cut and paste merchants 🙂


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