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Famine Easter 2023

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When the famine strikes we might have not the energy to compose. What will be your last note?


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21 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

It has some interest as a sketch of something. But it is incongruent thinking of the voicings and distribution of the content in the systems.


Yes, yes it is incongruent voicings for sure, that's what happens when things fall apart, no? Your left with  ruins of the life before, fragments of sensations and memories, apathy and things go downwards as a whole. If you don't eat, you have less energy, it's hard to keep things together. Agreed is more a sketch of something I can and probably will work it out in a more sophisticated and daring manner... I'm not sure how yet if I be true to my larger  undertaking, because I try to keep things in a balance. I still want to have a bit of blurry, bumpy, line down over all and and than back to the beginning... Some tend to think art is about having everything in the right order, the perfect harmony, and others tend to think art is about revolution, uproar and chaos. But life is about both, I like them to take together, in one way or another. There must be purpose and narrowfocus but also the blurry, relaxed or decay in the music I write. Sure, if you talk about (Christian) religious music which is connected to a certain ideal state of being, heaven or whatever the religion in question calls it to be, the music will be about bringing this ideal state to earth in one way or another. But if music is a testimony about life as such and you try to play it fair I end up doing this kind of stuff more and more. I'm not attacking you tho, I'm sure my path needs to grow in this but your comment does seem to come from an aesthetics I'm not completely aligned with in my own work, although I love to listen to that kind of purposeful everything-in-place music (whether it is purposeful order or purposeful chaos). I try to balance all the time between purpose and not purpose, that's how I live I guess. I think in our society we tend focus too much on a narrowfocus, we are trained to do so, which is bad for life and love. I feel people should take things together again in our minds and hearts... That's what I try to do for now and my music is a testimony to my own path. Love to hear your thoughts on all of this tho.

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