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13th Piano Composition Competition Fidelio via The Internet

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(Divided into musical styles)


The organization has decided this year for the first time the following change in the voting system:

The results of the first, second and third round will be decided by the participants, on the other hand the results of the semifinal and final rounds will be decided by the participants and also by an external jury of renowned composers.

Entering this competition is very simple, all you have to do is to record your own piano solo composition and send the audio file to one of the following email addresses:

You don't need to submit the score, just the audio file.

In this competition you are both a competitor and judge, choosing the winner by voting at home for the best work. All the voting results are sent to you via email so that you can check both, the votes given and received by everyone.. During the voting process the contestants also receive comments on their works. 

Very important: The composition submitted cannot last more than four minutes. Only the entrants vote to choose the winners. 

Prizes: 3600 euros and more divided into four categories.

Entry fee: 20 euros per one composition submitted. (maximum allowed per category: 5 compositions) 15 euros each submission for two or more compositions

If you have participated previously, this year you can take advantage of the following:

Paying one work you can submit two works
Paying two works you can submit three works
Paying three works you can submit four or five works.

You can participate with your name or pseudonym. You must be the author of the composition submitted.

The competition is divided into four styles or categories so that you compete against works of similar style: 

  1. Tonal, Classical, Romantic
  2. Jazz, Impressionist, Ragtime
  3. Minimalist, Experimental, New Age
  4. Atonal, Contemporary (Some Tonal parts are allowed)

No matter how far you are. This Competition is via the Internet. Pianists from more than 30 countries join this competition every year. You participate from your house.


Click on the following link to register in case you are interested. You can also listen to the past year's winning works:

Antonio Ruiz Asumendi (organizer)

Taller de Músicos y Artes Plásticas, Centro Integral de Música y Artes S.L de Madrid

Fidelio edit.

Edited by AntonioRuiz
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