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Pieces for String trio n.2_DM

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Hi, in the last months I have been writing a series of short pieces for string trio (2 violin, cello and continuo). Most of them are written in rounded binary form. 
I find this is an amazing combination for baroque, galant and early classic style and also for practicing counterpoint and imitation. I hope you enjoy. 

As always, I appreciate your comments.

Pieces for String trio n.2_DM.pdf

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Some nice ideas here. I do find your modulation to the dominant towards the end of the first section uncharacteristic of the style you are emulating here. Usually a second subject will appear in the dominant key before the end of the exposition, while in this example you modulate back to the tonic towards the end of the first section, before modulating quickly to the dominant in the second to last bar. 

Furthermore, I would approach the final cadence slightly differently. It is important to achieve contrary motion between the upper voices and bass part were possible, particularly at cadences. In your example (see bar 14/15) the second violin and bass part both move down to the A leading to direct motion and parallel 5ths. It would be better if you move the bass part up the the A, while moving the second violin from the G# down to the E natural. This will also complete the A major chord on which you intended to finalize section A.


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