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Short "chorale" in c# minor for keyboard

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I am a little between Luis and Mercury in this case. While I liked the transition to F-, it sounded a bit abrupt and disconnected to me because of the silences and not because of the harmony progression itself.

All in all, a great piece, which seems to be the norm on your works.

Kind regards,

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Like what others have said, I feel that the modulation from C-sharp minor to F minor in m. 5 is slightly abrupt. It may be because the interval between the notes in each voice (bass, tenor, and alto) is too distant, making the transition a little rough. Also, the modulation from F minor to G-sharp minor in m. 8 feels a bit awkward - it might be because of the jump of an augmented fourth (D natural to A flat) in the alto. Besides, there is an overlap in the bass and tenor registers in m. 8-9: i.e. the bass moves up from C-flat to A-sharp in m. 9, which is higher than the A-flat in the tenor in m. 8. A better voice progression would be as follows:


Overall, it's a decent piece, although improvements may be needed. I particularly like the first five measures of the piece, as well as the pause at the submediant chord of F minor in m. 8. Keep up the good work!

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