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This is a piece I wrote around 5 years ago when refugees on small boats in the Gulf of Mexico were fleeing their dangerous countries with the hope of starting a new life in my country (the United States).

They risked everything. They did exactly what the heartless critics here the US would have done for their own families and themselves if they were in the same situation.

Yet these sick and heartless critics in my country just wanted them to go away.

Those refugees were fleeing for their very lives. Innocent, yet made to feel guilty.

Sorry, but there is a large population of my country that have completely lost their moral compass.

End of rant.

Anyway, I found this instrumental piece in my bag of misfit music I've written and have never posted it. That whole refugee situation was breaking my heart and this piece, for me, brings back those sad memories. Composing music is my therapy.



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Hi @epii,

The music is, once again very enjoyable and therapeutic. It has the impression of being hopeful which I think well fit to those songs for donation. I especially love the falling semitones in 2:00.

I think under the force of globalization the anti-globalization is getting more support too: Protectionism whether it's political, economic or geographical is getting stronger. That's what make music great without the need of translating words I guess.

It's great you share these thoughts. I write my quintet having the tragic feeling over my place and Ukraine though less concrete as yours. Thanks for sharing Rick.


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Thanks once again. Those falling semitones are kinda weird but they break up the monotony.

I'm working on a slightly different version of this piece with a more lively bass and drums.

I dunno, this piece is just kind of dreary and drags on and on.

I might add the new version to this post as an alternative when it's finished.


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Hi! Just out of curiosity, is there a chance for us to get a score?

Despite the mood you create is a bit sad to me, perhaps almost nostalgic, there's some touches of cheerfulness specially when the whole music gets louder, I agree with you in the fact bass and drums have room for improvement, they could indeed be more lively, as right now they sound a bit like if they were played by a sequencer in a keyboard by a solo performer. I am very sure that working in the accompaniment overall a bit more will definitely increase the personality this piece potentially has.

Despite of all that, I liked the melody and chord progressions you made. Fully enjoyed it. Good job!

Kind regards,

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Thank you for listening. I only play by ear. I can’t read music so making a score is a no go.

Like I mentioned to Henry;

“I'm working on a slightly different version of this piece with a more lively bass and drums.”

“I might add the new version to this post as an alternative when it's finished.”

Again, thanks for listening and for your helpful comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it!




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