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  1. Hello, I'm new here.. ^^ I am music composer, and would like to share my stuff here with you. (Will update current post sometimes). 😉 Compose with a different genres. So here is the one of my piano track from my album 11th album "Dandelion - Piano Session" Thanks for listen, if ever.
  2. Here's a piece I wrote on my acoustic guitar. As the title states, it's a simple song. I know, I know, it needs a vocal. Enjoy. -Rick
  3. A short little carousel thingy I made up in the Sonar piano roll. Horsey go round and round. Cotton candy optional. -Rick
  4. Trying to channel my inner Bacharach. Made in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. Enjoy. -Rick
  5. UPDATED on 4/16/23c Here's a guitar thing in D minor with an arrangement. I'll UPDATE the mp3 as I improve on it with the posting date followed by a letter (as in a,b,c, etc... in the the event I post multiple improvements on the same day.) I've also included a version here with speaking parts. Enjoy. -Rick
  6. This is a piece I wrote around 5 years ago when refugees on small boats in the Gulf of Mexico were fleeing their dangerous countries with the hope of starting a new life in my country (the United States). They risked everything. They did exactly what the heartless critics here the US would have done for their own families and themselves if they were in the same situation. Yet these sick and heartless critics in my country just wanted them to go away. Those refugees were fleeing for their very lives. Innocent, yet made to feel guilty. Sorry, but there is a large population of my country that have completely lost their moral compass. End of rant. Anyway, I found this instrumental piece in my bag of misfit music I've written and have never posted it. That whole refugee situation was breaking my heart and this piece, for me, brings back those sad memories. Composing music is my therapy. Enjoy. Rick
  7. I wrote this on my guitar. I'm a finger picker. The guitar part is very difficult to play in real life. I tried my best to transfer what my fingers were doing on the guitar into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. I used an acoustic guitar virtual instrument but some of the velocities (basically volumes) on certain notes were a bit loud and I was faced with the choice of having some notes stand out or stepping down one velocity level where the note could barely be heard. I chose loud. Ahhh, the fun we have with sampled instruments. I searched the YC website to see if I posted it in the past and didn't find it, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it here. NOTE: Just for fun I also posted a stripped down version here with just guitar, bass, drums, and the sound fx at the end. Enjoy. -Rick
  8. Here's one I like to imagine that Gilbert O'Sullivan might have tossed in his trash bin. It's an O'Sullivan type of choppy piano style. I love that uniquely original piano style/technique of his! The flute-y thing as usual with me is the lead melody for in case I ever add a vocal. People might not think it sounds sad but to me it is. I actually hopped to my upright piano right after watching the Disney/Pixar movie "Inside Out" and the chords and melody were almost there just waiting for me. It's not often that tunes come to me so effortlessly but this one did. Great movie BTW! I related to the blue "Sadness" character. It's a story with a universal message that sadness serves a purpose. It was done in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. Enjoy! -Rick
  9. Here's a tune I wrote on my ukulele. I'm a finger picker by nature on my guitar and found myself doing the same on my uke as you will notice. The uke on this is a virtual instrument. It started with simple uke chords and a melody. I then added the arrangement. I'm not real sure but I think the chord progression involves the so called "circle of fifths". That's about the only thing I remember from the one quarter college course that I took back in college. This piece was all made in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll using a mouse. I don't use a keyboard controller. Any comments would be appreciated. Enjoy! -Rick
  10. Here's a pop tune I composed using the Sonar 8.5 piano roll (that's how I make all my stuff). It's inspired by the 1970's era of pop songs. I have 2 different endings which I'd like others opinion on as to which is better. I've posted both versions here; "where to begin" and "where to begin-v2". I'm leaning toward the "where to begin" ending (albeit maybe a bit over-the-top) as opposed to the other one which seems kind of boring. What do you think? Just type a 1 for "where to begin" or a 2 for "where to begin-v2". And of course any comments you might have too. Enjoy. -Rick
  11. I composed this in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll using some older sample libraries that I've had for many years. Composing music is just therapy for me and if others like my tunes that's just icing on the cake... mmm.. cake yum, yum. Don't be put off by the title "Mental Suicide" it was just a working title that sort of stuck. What can I say? Other than I have Asperger's and a stinking case of OCD. This piece started with a virtual acoustic guitar. I actually play guitar but was challenging myself to compose a piece without actually picking up my guitar. I laid out the guitar part while wrestling with a few melodies all the while trying to determine whether the guitar fingering was even possible. My conclusion? I have no idea if it's possible to play this guitar part. Then I added all the other stuff and hoped for the best. I just let the piano roll guide me along chord by chord, note by note. Sounds tedious huh? Yep, it was. But I love micro-managing every note. I always tense up when recording an actual mic-ed up performance. Having Asperger's has it's advantages like the laser-like focus on stuff one is interested in. In my case, music and art. With all the music rattling around in my skull I prefer working alone rather than butting heads with other musicians. Been there, done that, don't enjoy it a bit. But that's just me. If anyone wants to comment on this piece, feel free. I'm of course always interested in whether people like my stuff. But at the same time I'm always wondering if the mix sounds alright on other peoples' systems.. stuff like EQ, and especially the bottom end. I'm no audio engineer and that's for sure. Enjoy, Rick
  12. This is a ukulele instrumental thing I wrote with a melody and an arrangement. I hope the bass isn’t too muddy sounding. It’s kind of an important element in the piece but I always have trouble keeping the bass in my stuff from over-powering everything in my mixes. Made in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. Enjoy! -Rick
  13. A little tribute to my favorite Vulcan.
  14. This music is the "remake" of my first ever musical composition, that I made on Christmas Day in 2021. I decided to make it as a "Christmas gift" for my girlfriend, because she likes writing stories and this music is supposed to be a theme for one of her characters. Thanks to that theme I understood for the first time how much I like composing, and exactly one year later, on 25th December 2022, I made a remake of it using all the stuff that I learned through the year. "Flames of Chaos" is a quite strange creation, and I don't really know what to think about it. This composition has a really special meaning to me, and I'm sharing with you both it ("Flames of Chaos") and the original material ("First Creation"), that I made more than a year ago. I don't need feedbacks on First Creation, I know it's really, really terrible, I'm sharing it just to make you know what was the original material I had for this "remake". 😅 I would like to know if in your opinion the "soul" of the two compositions seems the same, even if the chords and the instruments are very different 🙂. Flames of Chaos.mp3 First Creation.mp3
  15. This is a song I wrote and want to put a vocal on but I hate my singing. It’s primarily an acoustic guitar song. I’d like to know what people think of the melody and arrangement. Please feel free to comment. It’s a virtual guitar that I painstakingly transferred over from my fingering on my real guitar. I prefer virtual instruments over real instruments for my recordings because I have more control over them. This was done in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll as I do all my stuff. Thanks for listening. -Rick
  16. I was rummaging through my bag of misfit music and thought someone might enjoy this short little waltz I composed a few years ago. It was from back when I was learning my DAW (Sonar 8.5.) I've never updated Sonar because it never crashes and just works really well. Like the old saying goes; "If it ain't broke don't fix it". It was very frustrating for me learning all the techie stuff in Sonar and I still barely know what I'm doing. Anyway, enjoy! -Rick
  17. Another tune I made with the Sonar 8.5 piano roll and some older samples. I’m kinda behind the times. I don’t know how the levels come across on anything other than my TV speakers and my flat response studio headphones so if anyone can comment on the EQ and or anything else it would be much appreciated. Enjoy! -Rick
  18. Just a little instrumental I composed. Made it with Sonar 8.5 in the piano roll using various older sample libraries. Every note was entered using my mouse. I didn’t use a piano keyboard controller, only my mouse. And I also didn’t use any pre-made loops. If you would like to comment on it I am most interested in how the overall mix comes across on your end. I use headphones to mix (I know that is not advisable) but it’s the system I have. So if you notice any cringy things in the mix I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks and enjoy! -Rick
  19. Here's my first and only single i've released in my life. I wrote it at 2020, and mixed and mastered myself 2021. After the song was released, I learned a lot more on mastering so it sounds suck to me but I still love it because it's my first single. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfGYXFE0rUQ BTW anyone know how to embed video in this website? Thanks.
  20. Hey there, I'm new to this forum ☺️. I just wanted to put my latest work/composition "The Door Beyond" here. It is a mixture of a few old compositions of mine edited with logic pro to one big song. I am excited what you think about it.
  21. I hope to do something related to music in the future, but I have no idea where to start! I love music in general, and mainly listen to genres such as pop. I was hoping to try out songwriting as it seems so interesting, but like I said earlier, I don't know how to start. I tried writing lyrics, and it seems like with the proper inspiration, I can maybe work it out in that aspect. However, I need help finding a melody and instrumental...I dunno....is anyone willing to collaborate? I'd love to see how people come up with songs, and it would be a great learning experience for me. Also...any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance!
  22. Hi all. I'm new to the group and would love some feedback on my first upload. If this forum would prefer uploads directly to this site, rather than linking to SoundCloud, please let me know. Listen to The Indigo Dream by David Fox #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/david-fox-490685567/the-indigo-dream
  23. Hi everyone! Im new in this community and also new in the music industry. I ve been making beats for the last year, but now i try to make it as a rapper. I recorded a new song, and I want some feedback! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/aroma-mob/5ebba-overheat-prod-by-mors
  24. I finished a short trio recently in the spirit of baroque. I played it in a rock set, but I tried to make it look like a harpsichord )) thanks if you find a few words for my progress in this field. Serg.
  25. I feel more and more confident with my work, since I came here. many thanks to everyone who helps me with this. so, my new one-man-band piece is ready. here is also included an interesting video that is mounted by my friend. I need your criticism as usual. my video producer will be happy if you find a few words for him.
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