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Another bagatelle  I compose all day everyday, I am starting to rack up the scores! Enjoy!

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2 hours ago, HtWinsor said:

I am starting to rack up the scores!

This makes me sad. Everything you post is short, like you prefer quantity over quality. I'll be honest, I put your other account on my ignore list because it seemed like you were insistent on posting so many undeveloped one page pieces, sometimes even with multiple pieces per post so you could continue sharing every single thing you've ever written when you were told not to flood the forums with so much music. You didn't seem to take into consideration much of the advice I or others offered so I gave up. 

But maybe you've grown and changed, and it sounds like you're improving with this piece!

You did somethings I really like in this one, and hopefully my thoughts are something you'd consider this time. For instance, I really like the A7 in bar 12, it's an interesting change from your i-V movements. I enjoyed the D to G movements, then hearing the Fm chord take us back to Cm. 

I also dug the rhythmic motif with the quarter note triplets. One thing I would have done to expand upon that is to imitate the motif in different chords like you did, but then you could keep the triplets going. It was cool, I just wanted more. 

I'm curious, when you write music, do you see these as exercises to get better, or is there some bigger goal in your compositions? There's no right or wrong, I just curious. It sounds like you're continuing to try new ideas and compositional devices out in your music, which is good, so hopefully you're learning a lot as you go. 

I gave up on you, but this one shows promise. I REALLY encourage you to try out a longer established form, as 1 minute pieces will only take your learning so far. Try a rondo, or a simple ternary form. Work your way up to perhaps a sonata-allegro or impromptu. 

Keep up the good work man. Honestly I probably won't comment on anymore of your shorter pieces, but would for sure offer all the advice and support I could muster for your attempts and longer forms. Thanks for sharing.

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3 hours ago, HtWinsor said:

Another bagatelle  I compose all day everyday, I am starting to rack up the scores! Enjoy!

Enjoyed truly. By the way, what happened to your other account?

The ending doesn't totally convince me but it's not bad at all, and the upwards scale just before was a really neat addition. Wish that piece would have last longer, but one cannot have everything in life I guess!

Kind regards,

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