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Clarinet trio in Em


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Hi, I thought to share this piece. This is a blue-mooded clarinet trio that i have composed few years ago. This would be challenging piece to play. There is a lot of texture in it for every player and it could be difficult to play, to get everything to its place. All players need also good breathing technique, which i am not sure can they manage it.

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Hi @semotivo,

This piece is quite vivacious and I love the energy in it. Like you'be said I'm not sure if clarinettist can be the piece with almost no space for breathing.

For me this is a good through composed work but maybe the melody is not memorable enough. The texture is great and I like the blue mood in it!

This is for sure not a Clarinet Trio in Em though since it's for Bb clarinet and bass clarinet and the real pitch will have a major second lower, hence it will be a Clarinet Trio in Dm.

Thanks for sharing!


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There is a great deal of modern counterpoint and/or heterophony. The bass clarinet sound in some parts of the recording is very nice.
The tessitura is very dense and not very changeable, which is why, in my view, the moment that comes in bar 28 with the upper clarinets on long notes was much needed.
I also think that with more dynamic detail the piece would be spectacular.
Best regards.

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