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Op.6 Nr.1 my first microtonal collage piece

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Hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece in microtonal collage music, hope you like it!

the video: 【拼贴微分音】作品6之1 土耳其烤肉进行曲_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

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The truth is that I am very interested in all this about microtonality because I totally ignore if there is any theoretical corpus "to hold on to". It is a very wide world that I love, but it seems to me a bit unattainable, for the moment.
This work, in any case, is totally impregnated by the original music.
On the one hand the collage is too dispersed, from Mozart to Debussy... In some cases I think it works better than in others. In the first Mozartian part, it's like a tonal variation (not microtonal yet) and it's fine. The part from measure 72 I think it adds "morbidity" to the original and I also like it. But the part on Debussy doesn't fit me at all.
I don't know, maybe in these "new" languages I assume better original works where there is not such a strong reference.


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