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What Music are you looking for or listening to this week? (30/07/2023)


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G'day Guys and Gals,


The general outline is below (Copied from r/rock and slightly modified)

  1. Post whatever you've been listening to lately, whether its a piece you've been listening to a lot, or a new piece you've discovered, it doesn't matter, post it.
  2. This is where you can post all requests and recommendations.
  3. If you're looking for a recommendation give a description/music link/composer so that other people will know what you want.
  4. Example: "I want to hear an composer that sounds like Tchaikovsky" (you can get more specific but this is usually enough) - and then hopefully someone will respond with recommendations X, Y, and Z.
  5. You can also leave a top level comment recommending an composer/school that you think others might like if they like X, Y, and Z.
  6. The more descriptive you guys are, the easier it is to help you find what you want. Just stating a composer's name isn't that helpful since you might only like one specific aspect of that composer's music.
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I'm still listening Bach this week and these are ones I find particularly fascinating:

The canon subject is from the bassline of the Goldberg Variation and just speechless....

This one is for sure an organ masterpiece.

This one is beautiful, particularly the 2nd movement with pizz. strings.

Last but not least, this one is so energetic.


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