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study for orchestra (Epic "horror" fantasy)

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Hello. Here is a piece for large orchestra which i composed sometime ago inspired by morden composers such as penderecki and ligeti. It would mean a lot of I could get some feedback  on it.

Thank you. 


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Little can I say, I think it's a great job.
I think the first part is more inspired by those techniques of microtonalism with displacements of the melody and heterophonies. 
And the second part, more "aggressive" is also reminiscent of Herrmann's orchestrations. Then it drifts in another huge timbre marasmus.

I think it is huge and I love it.

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Hi @Bjarke,

Yuck this is a horrible picture!!!!!! Don't kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning is successful to portray the scary mood with the use of low strings, that 0134 motive in different rhythm. Maybe adding a double bassoon there will be great since it's the most evil instrument I've known haha. That piano is very scary like in the Halloween. With those whirling strings and those forcing brass it's scary.

That clarinet entry is very creepy. The strings after it is scary in the other aspect as it becomes more a psychological thriller like in the Psycho (film music composed by Bernard Herrmann as Luis mentioned.) Those tremolos after it is great.

One thing I am in doubt is in p.23. The effect there is great, but I'm not sure whether the strings can pluck their strings that quick.

This is scary music with all kinds of different scary moods with great orchestral colour; horrible, terrible, scary, creepy, Gothic, ghostly, all in it. I think I suggest is maybe to divide the piece in several sections or movements with caesura, since it will be hard for audiences to sustain 9 minutes of constant horror, just like in a horror movie you won't have the killer or the monsters appear all the time.

Thx for posting such scary music. I hope this is posted in the Halloween LoL!


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I feel this music is made enjoyable by your skillful bringing out of important melodies and textures above others which are in the background.  Even though there are clusters in it - there is also space which allows different elements to be brought out in high relief while other less important elements stay in the background giving the piece its mood while the foreground establishes its melodic identity.  There is also a lot of well written counterpoint in the piece.

I love your use of piano in this piece.  You bring out the extreme registers of the piano to accentuate intense rhythms in the low range and create sparkling textures in the high.  Very well done.  The percussion is also used very judiciously never tiring the listener with an onslaught of noise.  The whole piece is very tastefully written even with very thick textures - it doesn't cause melodic/contrapuntal fatigue.  Very effective horror writing.  Great job and thanks for sharing!

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