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Fugue in F-sharp minor No. 13.

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Somewhat frustratingly, it's always the latest fugues I start working on the ones that come to fruition the earliest. Often times, my older projects give me way more headaches that the newly started fugues, probably on account of my progressive improvements in counterpoints and my subsequent disappointment with previous developmental stages thereof.


YouTube video link: 


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Hey Pabio @Fugax Contrapunctus,

This fugue features a lot of sequence,  ore than you past fugues! I like the more adventurous key changing to C major  and A Minor. The fugue usually consists of thick imitations in four voices and I think some lighter texture can be included!

Btw I will also post a fugue in F sharp minor tomorrow haha!!

Thx for sharing!


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A fantastic piece.
There are a lot of very well placed chromaticisms.
What happens to me with this fugue (and with others I have heard of yours) is that it is a bit "frenetic", there is no rest for the ear or the mind. 
It will be my particular taste but I think that a more relaxed section gives the listener a choice.

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