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Fugal Duet in E minor for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo.

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Finally, a smooth panning functionality has been added in the latest MuseScore 4 patch (version 4.2.1). Even though it is not nearly as "smooth" as its MuseScore 3 counterpart (dare I say, quite a bit jittery (at least in my opinion)), it is quite a considerable improvement for me, since the video format I have ostensibly specialized in relies quite heavily on this one feature. Unfortunately, concerning the Basso Continuo part, figured bass playback is unfortunately not yet a thing in MuseScore (at least, not that I know of), so I had to resort to fleshing it out to the point where at times it might seem like a totally independent harpsichord line. Still, the additional benefits when it comes to the violin soundbanks are truly priceless, and as such, with the aforementioned deficitary deterrent out of the way, I feel I can finally move on to MuseScore 4 by default.

As for the piece itself, I originally conceived it as a two-voice fugue, but eventually decided to add a harpsichord part serving as basso continuo to enrich both the timbre and the underlying harmonies of the intertwined melodic lines in the violin parts.


YouTube video link: 


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