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Piano Sonata in C "Passio", 3rd movement

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Uploading this in preparation of tomorrow's feast



"Christus heri et hodie" as the celebrant marks the Paschal candle and lights it, bringing it into the worship as the first source of light. The passover proclamation that is how we are loved is then made.


"O felix culpa quae talem et tantum meruit habere redemptorem"





hw sonata new fixed again wm 3.pdf

The intro part is just taken from the music. The fugue part follows is a single-subject fugue with increasing complexity. Truth be told, the subject is obtained from the passage of the exsultet, and the subject consists of a turn followed by an inverted turn, and miraculously it works so well in different ways.

Fugue chart





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Hey @PCC,

I really enjoy your use of chants. Since I myself am planning to write a chant section in own Sextet, now I always love this kind of chant usage! I hope Sibelius Ultimate can write with unmeasured measure LoL!

On the fugue, I don’t expect your get this chromatic when the subject and the chant is very modal. Again I like your use of canonic imitation which is also used in the 2nd movement. 

For me I may just turn down the virtuosity level in b.67 since I think it’s not quite match with the overall atmosphere of the movement! I think for the intensity you may use some part stretto or 3 layers of augmentation? I think the subject will be easy to make this!

Thx for sharing! I will finish the last movement.


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27 minutes ago, Henry Ng Tsz Kiu said:

unmeasured measure

on MS you just hide things, so actually there are invisible barlines


I read the exsultet had been praised by Mozart so much he said something along the lines of if he can exchange his whole career for the authorship of the exsultet tune he would, but I can't seem to find the exact source saying this

the fluke I got is that this turn-inverted turn subject is really surprisingly malleable in terms of stretto, augmentation, even got a retrograde lol. like you see on the graph it just gets more "stretto"y.

32 minutes ago, Henry Ng Tsz Kiu said:

3 layers of augmentation


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