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Fugue in F minor No. 5.

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This year, on occasion of my mother's birthday, I decided to compose a fugue dedicated to her. Even though this one was originally conceived as a strict permutation fugue, the subject's head unfortunately turned out not to be quite suitable for a stretto and therefore had to be modified at certain points.


YouTube video link:

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Hello @Fugax Contrapunctus!

I really like this chromatic fugue subject!  It has an interesting contour with the highest point coming in the former part of the subject.  I do wonder if this fugue might not benefit from being played at a slightly slower tempo.  Currently, the 32nd notes in the piece sound very robotic and unmusical.  That could be remedied a bit by a slower tempo imo.  Or you could suspend the tempo like in a recitative and have the 32nd notes be played more freely that way, before returning to the tempo primo.  The constant tempo in this piece is probably the most grating thing about it.  It allows the ear to just kind of "give up" and listen to the piece very passively.  But, obviously, you don't want that.  You should engage the listener in an "active" listening experience.  Although, the advantage of this piece is that it could serve as a good background to some kind of mathematical or puzzle game like for example, Tetris.  Thanks for sharing!

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I think the Fugue, in this baroque sense, are complex for the average listener.  Perhaps what attracts the most attention are the passages where you can recognize clear patterns, either repetitive or in the form of sequences (00:45).
I find this fugue very beautiful and fascinating, but I partially agree with the opinion of 
Although I think that the speed is fine, what I perceive is that at all times, without exception, in some voices the rhythm of sixteenth notes is followed, and even with added "fusas".
In my opinion this makes the piece a bit flat, and the material could be exploited in another way simply by simplifying textures at some points.


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