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Shortest ever piece - do y'all find this piece to be suited for children?

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Do y'all find this piece to be suited for children for learning music and piano ( even if not for playing ). or as a children theme piece to be played by an adult for nostalgia or to children ), and does it have that swing effect ( not the music form ) for you? This is Childhood Swings from my collection " Children Scenes ". I am trying to create ( even ) simple(r) piece every now and then, which hopefully could be good material for children eventually.


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 I liked it.
It's a piece with uncomplicated and straightforward harmonies, with a defined melody that engages.
What you are asking are different questions.
I do not think it is a piece for children to learn to play (although it will depend on the level, of course).  It seems easy apparently, but, although it is a software interpretation, it is full of dynamics and, for my taste, of an excess of octave lines.


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