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Teary - Eyed while listening to ...............

Maestro Akhil Gardner

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Guest QcCowboy
Almost teary eyed at the end of Die Kunst der Fuge. But never quite.

oh my!

I remember the very first time I heard this, it was a music history class, I was 17 or so, and the teacher had just told us that Bach died before he could finish this piece...

And I burst into tears at the unfinished end.

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Buxtehude's Klag-lied from BuxWV 76 is a very touching piece. Buxtehude composed it for his father's funeral. I am near to cry whenever I hear it's sad melody and the wonderful harmonic background. I have only listened to Emma Kirkby's and Lars Ulrik Mortensen's recording of the song, but it's just great.

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You'd be surprised. But this one got me for real. The raw talent in these musicians. You have to watch this all the way through. The end is where the tears start to come:) So awesome.

Anyway, this is Yanni's spinoff on his original "Playtime" Somehow a small little latin song turns into and awol battle. You'll see:)


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