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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, this is getting out and hand; and since all of you sheep are too afraid to step up and demand the unalienable rights this community has been mercilessly robbed of, I will do it. I am talking about the positive/negative post rating feature, which brought so much joy and prosperity for all the years it was allowed to stay. Remember that time when you could give a point to a post you liked, but also minus points to posts you didn't? That was nice wasn't it? Remember how during flame wars you could simply take away points from all posts arguing on the opposing side? I miss that. What am I supposed to do now? Make reasoned counterarguments? Ha. I think not. What about how we could shun useless imbeciles like froglegs? Posts like those discourage lurkers from joining. We have to show these lurkers that no, the community does not approve of such inane rubbish; just look at the accompanying negative points, It is red, the color of bad. Take a look at froglegs' profile. He has a positive reputation. A positive. Reputation. I literally punched my monitor, and I would be right to sue whoever removed this feature for damaging private property. In what kind of sick bizarro world does such a thing even happen? No. Just no.
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