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  2. Interesting. I like it. might even love it. I think I want it to have the full orchestra and not just strings but I get why you did that. I would love to hear this with all the different colors though. Yeah, I might love this...
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  4. Hi everyone, This is my first Violin Concerto (Movement I). Unlike usual Violin Concertos, this concerto starts with a slower tempo and more momentum is added as the theme develops. There are 3 main themes in this movement: Lyrical The Wind Opening Theme, Solo Violin Theme and Harp theme in Section H. All the themes join each other at the closing passage. Being a violinist, I have long dreamt of composing a Violin Concerto under my name. Doubting my composing skills, I didn't have the confidence to even start composing it until I think I have a glimpse of the composing world. Piano Concerto No.1 and Romance prepared me for that. Anyways, I couldn't believe I have finally done it partially! I am currently drafting the proceeding movements. Hope you like it! Any comments are appreciated:) Best, HoYin
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  6. Luis Hernández thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! Subscribe and share this for upcoming music!
  7. This is a lovely piece. NIce to hear the bassoon as soloist.
  8. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I actually just got finished doing the premiere performance of this piece (I sang, and a friend of mine played piano). But I just want to say how much I appreciate your words. I've never really put my music out into the open like this until now. I have shared another one of my pieces with people on this site, but this is the first piece that I actually got to perform in front of an audience. To be honest, I was nervous out of my mind when I first showed this piece to my mentor. But he loved it, and we worked our butts off doing revisions. And to get such high praise as a result means so much to me. The link to the video of my performance is below: Still Here
  9. No worries! Thanks for looking into it, send me a pm if you want any more information about it.
  10. Hi Markus, I am using Vienna Instruments Special Edition, woodwinds are in fact great. "Hi Anthonydaly, thanks for your comments! I will have a look to new Barroque. Is allways good to know other composers how make that kind of music." I like you appreciation, and you are right, the last variation of the Rondo form (A-B-A-C-A-D-A), is more influenced by Classical period, which I also love.
  11. Hi Anthonydaly, thanks for your comments! I will have a look to new Barroque. Is allways good to know other composers how make that kind of music.
  12. Hi, here is my new,, Game of Thrones '' fugue. What do you think about it? :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy4XAKyiCyk&feature=youtu.be
  13. I changed the instruments to ones with less reverb, and they sound clearer now:
  14. There is one now, sorry it took a while.
  15. Thank you for the feedback, Gustav. I really appreciate it. I had to do something with the short amount of time I had but I'm glad it made sense... To a minute degree hehe. Thank's again
  16. I've totally changed my approach to composition, and I think my music has greatly benefited. As proof, here is another pair of canons. One is the upside down version of the other: 've tot .
  17. Dear Young Composers, The Symphonic Society of Limeira recently opened a call for scores for chamber music and symphonic works. Please consider submitting your work. For more information regarding this call for scores, click in the link bellow. https://www.sinfonicadelimeira.com.br/call-for-scores Best regards,
  18. Dear young composers, The Symphonic Society of Limeira recently opened a call for scores for chamber music and symphonic works. Please consider submitting your works For more information visit call for scores by clicking on the link below: https://www.sinfonicadelimeira.com.br/call-for-scores Best regards,
  19. Thanks Pavlos, I really appreciate your comments. I've been working on this concertino for some months now. The first movement now has a cadenza and a reintroduction of the first theme, as I also thought it needed to reappear somewhere. The second movement is finished, and the third is almost finished. I haven't yet posted them here as I wanted to wait till it's all ready, once it is, I will post them and see how it goes. Thanks again for your comments best regards Mark
  20. ICO - в хронологическом порядке Композиция завершена 28.09.2016 You also can watch this piece here -
  21. The parts are all appropriate to their instruments, I don't think as a player I'd have any complaints. Separate from the video I think it's not bad, although I could use more sense of direction within the piece. Since it's accompanying the film, I think it should tie a little more to the excitement of the scene. It felt too relaxed, not urgent enough. Think driving rhythms (hee hee, look a pun!) and more crash cymbals (oh look, another pun!!) or something to accentuate the intensity of the scene! Good work, keep going. Gustav
  22. Very nice. I very much like how the music returns to the main theme played by the oboe. What software do you use? I’d say the oboe has great clarity, however the string sounds sound feigned. Towards the end I hear accomplishment to dances more common towards the end of the 18thh century, but you wove it in in such a manner to retain that authenticity. thanks
  23. I find Beethoven's music endlessly deep and intellectual. The Wourinen, while fascinating in its own right, would pretty much give me little or no surprises on repeated hearings. Though it would be nice to study the score for the orchestration.
  24. Here is the new music with score. It should be much clearer now. 😊
  25. This is an outstanding piece, with a beautiful melody and enough variation and contrast to keep me enthralled throughout.
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