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    Hello all! This is a Piano Quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano) I just finished which would probably not exist in it's current form if I hadn't found a Piano Quartet on this website. Originally I thought I would make this a solo violin and orchestra piece but found that this ensemble, once I was made aware of it, was the perfect match for my melodic material! I came up with the melodies for this piece as I was falling asleep. Luckily I keep a musical notepad next to my bed in just such a case. This is also my first attempt to write in sonata form although I'm sure I break quite a few rules if you'd like to point them out. I welcome your criticisms, suggestions or even just observations would be great. Hopefully this will be the first movement in a multi-movement work. Enjoy!
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    HI all, I wrote these two little pieces.
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