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    Hi! I'm a school student in Scotland. I play piano, flute and have recently picked up the violin/fiddle. I have been composing for quite a few years, and I write in a style reminiscent of the Romantic period, my favourite. I've been on the site for a couple years, and the activity does seem to come and go a bit. Recently (ish) we have had a lot of new members joining and old members, like yourselves, returning. It does seem to be busier, and people can get reviews quicker. I live exploring different music that people are writing on this site! Regards
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    I have a composer friend in Houston (who used to be on this site). Some good talent there!
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    I definitely am most of the time (you'll see when I post my Christmas music!); this was written for a friend who kind of hinges on the edge of enjoying modern stuff. I don't plan basically anything I write, so the fact it comes off as repressed as opposed to slow/boring is just as good as any compliment. Thanks!
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    I'm KJ! I'm a pianist and composer from San Antonio. I play keyboard at my church and my main outlet as a composer has become writing worship arrangements for our orchestra and choir under the guidance of my worship pastor. I'm not a music student and have not studied composition or theory. Despite a couple years of inactivity, I've actually learned a lot of what I know from observing and listening to the music you guys post on this site. A sizeable chunk of the people I originally met on this site have become inactive in the last few years so I'm glad to have had positive interactions with some of the folks I don't recognize as well as the handful who are still here from before. I'm enthusiastic about being back on YC because there's always such cool music being posted here that I otherwise would never find! I think that sums me up well enough. Hopefully some other people also decide to put in a little blurb about themselves so I'm not the only one!
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