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    Hi. Nice piece. your music is like a little universe of timbre.
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    Kind of a MOR easy listening piece, with a hint of jazz.
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    Very beautiful and passionate. Why 2/1? In fact you subdivide it in parts as a 4/4. Well, you can write is as you like. But is less clear.
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    Emotional piece. I like it. It reminds me the style of nordic composers of our days (but without any dissonances, perhaps).
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    The second movement of my piano suite. It'll be released as a full piece in about a week or so, but this is my second favorite movement in and of itself! I know it's based off of some prime form I was working off of, but I don't remember what it is now 😅
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    Nice piece. I like the clarity of the structure. A bit conservative in harmonic terms. But it's lovely.
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    it has not been recorded properly( I have and old laptop) but I think it worth your time listening cause it comes from someone who doesn't even know to read notes on F clef... I like it and I wanted to know if others like it too.
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    Hi all, this is my first post here. Was hoping for some feedback on this latest attempt at putting the whole orchestra to work: Peace -Rob
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    Not bad, what instruments did you use for the percussion?
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    This is a set of pieces I composed in Prague this past autumn. I have revised them several times since, and each movement accompanies a painting by artist Paul Klee (which I have included in the score). The piece is dedicated to a friend of mine from Austria who is very fond of art, and we went to several galleries together (hence the inspiration). While I am pianist myself, I specialize in improvisation in a style very different from this, so any feedback from the pianists would be most welcome!
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    @Tónskáld Thank you once again for your in-depth comment -- it means a lot! I can find myself having a hard time making such extensive comments on the forum (I most certainly am minimalist in many aspects). Nonetheless, I am glad you enjoyed!
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    I felt the music needed to take a breath. There's a lot of musical phrasing in there that shifts from passage to passage very quickly, and I was physically tired just listening to it. It also seemed to me that the percussion rhythm strove against the natural rhythm provided by the melody. (It might also be the reason the music seemed constantly out of breath. Dunno for sure, though.) I liked the pentatonic feel of the main melody and think you've got a good thing going here, overall! I would suggest giving the rhythmic structure a bit of a tweak so it flows better with the melodic structure. Maybe use less drumming for this first part and only fill in rhythmically where the melody lacks. It might be interesting to hear some Eastern-sounding percussion, too, such as a gong or wood blocks. Just don't overuse them! Keep it up!
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    Don't worry. Perhaps my idea of impressionism is more "french" than "nordic". I mean: quartal and quintal harmony, exotic scales, whole tone scale, non-functional harmony, etc...
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    Very nice and enjoyable piece. I see you have a detailed and realistic (but difficult sometimes) writing for the piano and I like it. The overall feeling is very rhythmic, almost in an ostinato, so the counterpoint parts (teh beginning) are a good contrast. However, it doesn't sound impressionistic to me. It's tonal and harmony doesn't leave the audience any doubt (which is the essence of impressionism). I think it moves between classic and romantic language. But it's quite original, and that's what counts. (I'd love to see the mornings you describe in Iceland....)
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    Ah, Jared, these are marvels. The color, the structure, the abstractness. Comments for each piece individually are below. Gigue: The lilting effect was quite reminiscent of the sea. The theme was embedded and embellished throughout. I congratulate you! Serenade: Short but oh, so sweet! There is a richness here that was quite delightful. Music aside, I do believe you misspelled 'koi' at the end there. Dance: This one might have been my favorite. The colorful chords along with the tasteful rhythm kept me smiling. Fantasy: Superbly written piece, and the musical directions were just as fascinating. Dirge: Another favorite of mine—so melancholic. And I found it interesting that you switched to French for the descriptive post-title. Curious as to your reasons for that... Toccata: Loved the back-and-forth between the hands. Also, you used the word 'epigram' in a piece of music. How pithy of you. Berceuse: What depth! And the colorful imagery throughout is just breathtaking! In m18, though, I was confused about the 8th note chord in the bass before the half note chord. If it's an appoggiatura, shouldn't it be attached by a slur? If it's not, perhaps put a little distance between those two chords so the meaning is clearer. Caprice: This particular piece had a strong taste of impressionism (Debussy would be proud), and the return to the original theme at m42 was masterfully done! Even though this piece moved quickly and the chords were unconventional, none of the nuances were lost on me. Very well done, sir! I continue to be impressed by your musical prowess. It's quite apparent you put a good deal of thought and planning into these works, and I suppose that's why I find your music particularly appealing. There is no superfluity, only an overarching cohesiveness that ensures every note that's written makes sense, belongs. You must be an aesthetic minimalist, because it's as if your music has been distilled down so that each idea is effectively conveyed using as few notes as possible. I consider your works nothing short of masterpieces. I do hope the world discovers you someday. Thanks again for sharing yourself through your music! I look forward to hearing more of it!
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    I enjoyed this! If possible, could you post the score (it'll help us comment on specifics)? I think you did well with beginning the process of thickening a texture. I think what might help improve this piece would be taking a dense texture and exploring ways to reduce it, then add to it, reduce it etc. Moreover, I think that experimenting more with less regular rhythmic configurations will break a bit of the monotony that can begin to develop; pushing a little further will make it feel less like an exercise. Overall, I think you did a good job!
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    Its great to listen to, def worthy of any action film! The rhythm you set up at the beginning is great, well thought out and well placed. Personally I thought your melodies could be simpler, less jumpy and more repetitive in order to really drive it into peoples minds (aka Pirates of the Caribbean is really simple and repetitive so people really remember it). Well done Dustin, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.
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    I love the ambient and foley sounds it has to it.
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