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    The parts are all appropriate to their instruments, I don't think as a player I'd have any complaints. Separate from the video I think it's not bad, although I could use more sense of direction within the piece. Since it's accompanying the film, I think it should tie a little more to the excitement of the scene. It felt too relaxed, not urgent enough. Think driving rhythms (hee hee, look a pun!) and more crash cymbals (oh look, another pun!!) or something to accentuate the intensity of the scene! Good work, keep going. Gustav
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    Great classical duet! I liked the motivic imitation in allegro. I think the shape of the andante is really good, and to be honest I liked it more than the allegro. Also posting a score is a good idea, because it makes reviewing much easier
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    Wow that was actually a very good nocturne. Nice ornamentation, ostinato parts and tempo alterations where they should be. It conveys the nocturnal feeling preety accurately, nice one.
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    Very interesting idea on the main theme. It feels like the ost of some kind of anime. I also like how you go from harmonic chords to melodic arpeggios and then enrich the piece with more notes of the chord played. I would, too, prefer a more complex harmony while the piece develops and i also feel you could use a little the harmonic scale of the aeolian mode you're on, in combination with the natural minor and the melodic minor you have there. I loved the use of the VI after the melodic minor scale melody at 2.56 on the first vid..!
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    Yes, there are some nice changes in here. In general I find that if things are disjointed I've either gotten ahead of myself or introduced new ideas without first developing the previous one. In short, too many ideas. Also, when you start and stop that sounds disjointed. You might try forcing yourself to use an ostinato or a line that does not stop, as an exercise that may help you think more "continuous." Good luck to you! 24 keys is a big deal, especially if you're having trouble in C. You may have trouble in the others because you're not the kind of composer that likes to be in only one key? Nothing wrong with that, but you may have to rethink your paradigm.
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    Good luck with this project!! This first piece is interesting, I like the harmonic changes in some places.
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    It is a nice piece. It has moments of beauty, and the whole things casts a strong emotional shadow. I like your melodies, but I feel your harmonies could be more complex. Overall, it's well composed.
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    I really enjoyed this piece. Nice work.
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