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Found 6 results

  1. From September 30 to October 9, 2022, a MolOt seminar for young composers will be held in St. Petersburg on the basis of the Lermontov ICBS - "Open Workshops" (99 Ligovsky Ave.), tutors at 1 Lermontovsky Ave. Educational program As professors invited to the seminar: Svetlana Lavrova (1970) - Russian composer, Vice-Rector for Research and Development of the Vaganova ARB, Professor, Doctor of Art History. The second professor will be announced later. The seminar is held in two directions: "music for chamber ensemble" and "music for chamber choir". The basic groups of the seminar are the St. Petersburg MolOt-ensemble and the chamber choir "Festino". Ensemble composition: flute (also piccolo, viola); clarinet (also piccolo, bass); piano (MIDI keyboard is also possible); violin; cello The composition of the choir: 16 voices (soprano, alto, tenor, bass - 4 voices for each part). According to the results of the competitive selection, 10 active participants of the seminars will be determined (5 in the direction of "chamber ensemble", 5 in the direction of "chamber choir"), as well as 20 free listeners. It is possible to participate in the seminar as a listener: all the events of the seminar are open to the public. For nonresident participants of the seminar, the organizers of the seminar provide accommodation and meals. The road is at the expense of the participant. Active participation in the seminar involves writing a new composition for one of the collectives (the St. Petersburg MolOt-ensemble or the chamber choir "Festino" - depending on the chosen direction). The time limit for a choral composition is 5 minutes, for an ensemble composition - 8 minutes. During the seminar, active participants will have the opportunity of two individual lessons with visiting professors, as well as three rehearsals with the St. Petersburg MolOt-ensemble and the chamber choir "Festino". Also, each of the professors of the seminar will give lectures in which they will talk about important aspects of composing and introduce participants to their compositions. Within the framework of the seminar, there will be 2 master classes from the artists of the MolOt-ensemble and a master class of the choir "Festino" with an analysis of the compositions of the listeners. Composers under 35 years of age (at the time of the seminar) are invited to participate in the selection of participants of the seminar. Application for composers To participate in the selection of seminar participants, you must send the following materials by e-mail molot_ensemble@mail.ru until August 7, 2022: 1. A brief creative biography; 2. 2 photos; 3. 2 or 3 scores - instrumental works for the participants of the "chamber ensemble" direction, for the participants of the "chamber choir" direction - scores with vocal participation; 4. Recordings or links to recordings of submitted essays (desirable, but not mandatory); The list of active participants of the seminar based on the results of the competitive selection will be published on August 14, 2022. Active participants must provide the organizers of the seminar with 50% of the score of the play written for the seminar teams by September 1, 2022. The score of the play for the seminar must be provided in full by September 15, 2022. Concert program On October 2 and October 9, 2022, concerts will be held in Yaani Kirik (54A Dekabristov str.). At the opening concert of the seminar, the works of the curators and professors of the seminar will be performed. At the final concert of the seminar, the premieres of the compositions of active participants. Curators of the seminar: Yaroslav Sudzilovsky – composer, Chairman of the Guild of Young Musicians of the Russian Musical Union; Artur Zobnin – composer, violinist, artist and director of the St. Petersburg MolOt-ensemble; Alexandra Makarova – conductor, artistic director of the chamber choir "Festino". Executive Director of the seminar: Maria Andreeva is a music critic, PR manager of the St. Petersburg MolOt-ensemble. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail molot_ensemble@mail.ru
  2. RBC Bridges, Soundstreams' Workshop for Early career Composers 10-day tuition-free program in in Toronto, Canada Accommodations provided free of charge for accepted participants who are based outside of Toronto 2 Days Left to Apply! >>> APPLY NOW Workshop dates May 1–10, 2020 (Toronto, Canada) Application deadline December 20, 2019 (11:59pm EST) RBC Bridges is a 10-day tuition-free program in in Toronto, Canada, that brings together celebrated composer mentors, a professional resident ensemble, and six emerging composers, to develop and premiere new work in a professional context and participate in professional development and networking opportunities Composer-in-residence: Sarah Kirkland Snider Resident ensemble: 8 Voices (SATB) The Program This year’s workshop will be inspired by the music of the late Quebecois composer Claude Vivier. Selected participants’ final works will be showcased alongside works by Sarah Kirkland Snider, and in connection with Soundstreams’ Main Stage production of Musik für das Ende. For more details about the program and eligibility criteria visit https://soundstreams.ca/education/emerging-composer-workshop/ >>> APPLY NOW For any questions, please contact Felix Mills at felixm@soundstreams.ca
  3. Greetings! The Charlotte New Music Festival applications are open for the 9th annual international Composers Workshop and the Max Computer Music Workshop. It's free to apply and we invite you to share these workshop opportunities with students and other composers you know. We look forward to another great round of concerts, exploring new music, networking, and hosting composers and performers from around the world! Priority application deadline: January 20, 2020 by 11:59pm Free to apply! www.charlottenewmusic.org Composers Workshop Max Computer Music Workshop (June 15-27) The Composers Workshop is a unique two-week event that allows a select group of about 30 student and emerging composers to work closely with some of the top performers and distinguished guest faculty in the creation of new works for performances at the Charlotte new Music Festival. Participants will hone their craft, build their professional networks, listen to a lot of exciting new music, receive valuable and pragmatic career advice from musicians & composers with a wide range of experiences, and much more. During the festival, each composer will have the opportunity to have two pieces that will be professionally performed by world-class musicians. The Max Computer Music Workshop (MCMW, lead by Christopher Dobrian and Charles Nichols) is an intermediate to advanced one- to two-week immersive workshop during the Charlotte New Music Festival, focused on programming and composing computer music in the Max visual programming environment. Participants will learn techniques for programming interactive computer music, culminating in a public recorded performance of works created during the workshop, performed by guest musicians. More info & to apply online www.charlottenewmusic.org Guest Ensembles & Composers Beo String Quartet (Pittsburgh) Hypercube (NY) Loadbang (NY) Transient Canvas (Boston) Duo Zonda (flutes - Orlando Cela & Wei Zhao, Boston) SpacePants Guest Composers: John Allemeier Christopher Dobrian Kirsten Broberg Lansing McLoskey Charles Nichols Alejandro Rutty Kotoka Suzuki Others TBA
  4. Hello! We are running a 5 day residential workshop in the French Pyrenees with composer GAVIN BRYARS. This is a unique opportunity for a very small group of people to live, work and play with a world renowned modern composer in an inspiring mountain setting. There is only a handful of spaces left, so sign up quick - https://www.campfr.com/course/25/modern-composition-with-gavin-bryars Find out more about this course and others that we run on our website, www.campfr.com Hopefully see some of you in the Pyrenees soon!
  5. https://www.youngwomencomposers.org/home/ Spend two weeks in July in classes and workshops studying with Erin Busch (Composition and Theory), Julia Alford (Composition and Theory), Cynthia Folio (Composition and Theory), Sabrina Clarke (Composition and Theory), Maurice Wright (Orchestration), Julie Bishop (Writing for Voice), Adam Vidiksis (Electronic Music History and Composition), Marianne Gruzwalski (Chorale), Brittany Ann Tranbaugh (Song Writing), and Chelsea Reed (Jazz Composition and Improvisation). Classes: Composition Workshop (daily)Theory & Ear-Training (daily)Chorale (daily)Individual Composition Time (daily)Private Composition Lessons (once a week)Writing for String InstrumentsWriting for Brass InstrumentsWriting for Wind InstrumentsWriting for PercussionWriting for Voice and Setting TextElectronic Music CompositionHistory of Electronic MusicJazz Composition and ImprovisationCollege Prep and Concert OrganizationSongwritingOrchestration (one session per instrument family)Engraving and Notation Student works will be performed at the end of the session. Beginning students are welcome. All women between the ages of 14 and 19 are encouraged to apply.
  6. Tough decision time. I'll be one of many composers in a new music performance/composition workshop. There was a miscommunication about the dates, and I bought my international plane tickets leaving one day too early. I now have to choose: either change my tickets -- which would cost about $450 U.S. -- or miss the workshop's big final concert. Things we know: - The final concert will be recorded well, and I'll be sent a copy; - There's no way to be sure until during the workshop whether the final concert will include a piece of mine, but there's a good chance it will; and - I will definitely have a couple of pieces on other concerts/readings earlier in the workshop. I know the final concert and whatever socializing we'd do afterwards is really important for building connections with the performers and with the other composers. I have enough money saved up in my workshop/travel budget that I could change the tickets. But it's a lot of money. Enough for a whole other workshop locally or any number of other things for my career. Any input to help me think about this would be appreciated!
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