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Cello competition!!! Let's try a new style!!!


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Hello guys,

Let's try a new style! Write a piece for cello solo, or cello and piano!

The best piece will be played by me in the next spring.

The interesting thing in this competition: You have to write in a form/style, which was invented by me. It's called 'half-disharmony'.

You have to write a piece, which has two movements. The first is a slow, dissonant, sad/passionate movement, and the second is a fast, consonant movement. (There can be an 'attacca'.)

In the second movement, you can write disharmonies too, but you should write more consonant things, than dissonant.

For example!!! My first half-dissonant piece is called 'Neuron' (for Flute, Cello, Piano). You can find the two movements here:

First movement

Second movement

You need to watch out for:

- Structure - be clear

- 'Half-dissonant'-form

- Playable score

- Ideas - Using the possibilities on the cello (Be creative!)

- Length - 5-8, max. 10 minutes

(- Difficulty - You should write a difficult piece)

Of course, you have to send the score, and the MIDI or mp3 too :)

Deadline: January 31th, 2009

If you have questions, write them in the forum, or send a private message.

Try yourself! I'm really interested in the pieces you will write in this style! :)

Good luck,

Marcell Magyari




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1. it doesn't matter (w/ or w/out piano)

2. yes, I played the Brahms Sonata (e-minor) and a movement of the Shostakovich sonata, and anyway I started to learn the Shostakovich 1st cello concerto. My most difficult piece was my friend's cello sonata, but I think you don't know that piece :)

3. What do you mean? Write a private message about your ideas. (Anyway I think, yes)

4. Hm.. I don't know. I can make pppppp and ffffff on the cello, I like plucky things in the music. I am flexible in the styles, I like to play modern, and romantic pieces too (less classical)

5. Long bows (I can play it, but I don't like them.), and of course high notes. In my last piece, I wrote myself a Bb, the third above the staff, but it was a really long (27 sec.) note, so it's easy to play. But if you write something virtuoso, it's difficult, of course.

But I think, I can learn everything. I won't choose the easiest one. I will choose the best piece. :)

You can write anything, just have your own borders. For example, don't write below C... Use the cello's possibilities, the range, and the effects too. Think about the effects, be creative! I won't give you examples, I can't help you :P BUT, write a playable and a "celloish" piece!

Come on! :)

Good luck!

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Okay, let's avoid the misunderstandings about the effects.

I won't write any extreem examples to anyone.

You can write a really good piece without them, but it's easier to write an interesting thing with them. That's all

I don't know what techniques do you want to write in your piece, I won't brake my cello.. :D

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Jimmyjuicin: I don't understand your question. 'Half dissonance' means that you have two movements, one of them is modern, and one of them is not as modern as the first.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons, and antencedents. For example, you can see the sentence: "Don't write music for the audience. Write about it!" in my signature. Half dissonance is about this.

You know, all my Half dissonance-pieces has happy titles: Neuron, Hayagriva's Dance, Two Ideas... But the first movement is sad, it's about the people, the world, or something serious, which was in my mind while writing. The second movement is the title. I could write about it a lot, but I don't want to. You have two months left :)

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Come on guys! ;) Merry Christmas, anyway!

Well, if you have only one movement, send it too.

What do you think?

Is it a good idea to make more awards? For example "the best slow movement", "the best fast movement", "the best piece to play", "'my best friend's opinion' surchage" etc.

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