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Programmer Enthusiast Needed

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I am in the hunt for a programmer enthusiast who is a member of this site. I can't offer pay (at this time), but the best I can do is offer unlimited upload space, free web hosting for your personal site or sites (our server is quite fast), and a great path to grow with Young Composers. This means that if Young Composers starts to make profits, (and I don't want to look ahead too much into the future so I will be conservative here) the programmer enthusiast would be my first choice in hiring for a part time job, or contract work. If anyone feels they are qualified for this position, do not hesitate to contact me or reply to this thread with your qualifications.

The ongoing duties include:

  • Learn and understand the architecture of Young Composers and the forum (we are running a modified version of Invision Board and Elgg Network)
  • Address various bugs that are bound to accumulate.
  • Analyze customized code to make more efficient (if applicable)
  • Perform various hacks to Young Composers to better integrate a network profile.
  • Help format some parts of the site that look weak, such as directory and browse results.
  • Understand how user profiles are bridged between Elgg and IPB. I may need help improving this process in time

Ambitious duties may include:

  • Develop custom IPB modifications
  • Develop custom Network modifications
  • Rewrite or rework on pre-existing IPB modifications (i.e, creating a teacher application, creating a reverse auctioneer system)

The basic qualities you ought to possess include:

  • PHP and MySQL experience (or a good programming mind)
  • Experience or willingness to learn the Invision Power Board architecture
  • Experience or willingness to learn the Elgg architecture (the architecture our network is powered by)
  • Knowledge or willingness to learn Paypal API
  • Time and motivation to help Young Composers in the technical aspect
  • Willingness to respond to email (are you reliable?)
  • Ability to attend some or most of our weekly staff meetings

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Oddly enough I work with el egg (elgg) all the time since for some reason researchers love the frame. The only reason why I won't volunteer to do this is because I don't like you. Otherwise, I'm perfectly qualified.

But for someone who does want to help.


Read up and it'll give you a solid base.

Other side notes, MySQL is IPB (for all intent and purpose) so unless you have a good hand at database management say no to this offer. I say this because rewriting the management is pain, the only plus is that it's done in c++.

PHP is basically C++ on crack so if you know C++ you're solid.

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