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Two accounts one computer

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Alright so right now I think I'm logged into fat kid, but when I check someone's profile it logs me back into Jubilee's account and then once I check the forum I go back to fat kids. Something is up.

EditActually it doesn't log me into her account, it just starts displaying her username. For example, if I click my username and read my profile, on top it shows Jubilee's and 16 unread messages. When I click to read the messages, it goes to my account. Just a weird little thing.

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That's strange, but I think it may have to do with the integration, which apparently is still not perfected yet. The network session and forum session can log two different users it seems. The way to fix this is by deleting cookies from forum.youngcomposers.com and www.youngcomposers.com, then log back in through the homepage. Also, try to avoid logging in through the forum directly.

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