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Glissandi for strings?

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no tremolo, it's really quite simple. What it is is just random harmonics in the violins and violas. How you would re-create it is put in a range (such as open E to G 2 and a half octaves above) and place in "play glissandi harmonics in this range" and they'll know what you mean. I really like the effect it has :happy:

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Yup, as Heckel said, it's really fun to create harmonics in the strings. Both artificial and natural harmonics are possible to create with the strings instrument. For example for Liebermann's Piccolo Concerto, the strings in the introduction have "free" bowings for the artificial harmonics. It is used mainly to provide a subtle background effect, and it's most effective in creating a mysterious/beautiful/peaceful effect. :D :D :D

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