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Animation Artist is looking for Composer


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Hi everybody!

I am an artist, doing animated films. For my latest project, Georgie the Cat, I am looking for a musician who feels like collaborating with me, by providing the music / soundtrack.

Georgie is intended to become a series of mini-clips with little, cute stories of Georgie the black kitten. These clips are suited even for the smallest children. Here is the very first clip, that needs music: http://vimeo.com/31328053

The film needs an intro-theme that is played during the opening panel. The same intro music will be played at the beginning of every future clip. Then it needs music while the action plays, especially at the end of the action, it will need flute music (when Georgie plays the flute) and at the end, it needs music for the end-credits. The music shall be lovely, melodic, fairy-tale like and if possible not synthesizer like. More classic.

for now this project is a non-commercial one, I will see how far we can go with it. But if we get enough clips together, I may produce a DVD. I already did one: www.john-f-kennedy.fr/bete

I will gladly answer every question you may have.


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@Tokkemon, Well The composer who did the music for the BĂȘte des Vosges Film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2044802/ did it for free, although I proposed him a royalty for every DVD sold. This is generally how I proceed, (royalty per sold copy). Problem here is, that it will take some time (and a lots of clips done) until I can make a DVD out of Georgie Films. So it may be better to pay a one-time fee. The composers may say what amount they have in mind and I see if I can afford it. As a starving artist who has barely more than 350 Euros in a month, it will not be too much, sadly.

Ah, if it looks more like a clarinett, then it will be better to make clarinett music :-)

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Hi, Diana

I'm currently work in Bangkok,Thailand and have made some music for short films

I wonder if you still looking for a composer who wants to do this work for your little Georgie

I am willing to make your animation come alive with my music

I can do it for free

This is my personal website:

If you are interested then write me the email : charatchukiat@hotmail.com

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