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Introducing: Challenges


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Hi all!

Challenges is something new I am trying to stimulate activity here and also to stimulate the composers' minds around here.

You can now start your OWN topics in this forum. And, members can create Challenges, which are anything from mini-competitions to simple time-based things.

To start a challenge, here are the steps:

  1. Make a thread titled: "Challenge: ______" insert a subject you want to call your challenge.
  2. In the thread itself, describe the challenge and if there will be a deadline to complete it.
  3. Post it.

Examples of different types of challenges:

  • Compose a piece based off of this melody/motif.
  • Compose a fugue based on this subject.
  • Write something for paper clip and soprano.
  • Set this text to homophonic choir texture.
  • Write a string piece using only natural harmonics.
  • Write a baroque suite, learn the dances, and post a video of you dancing to your suites.
  • Write a piece using ONLY this melodic idea.
  • Write a piece using all chromatic tones in every voice.
  • Take your favorite pop song and arrange it for classical singer and piano.
  • Write a piece in under 60 minutes! See what happens.


The idea is to come up with little creative exercises for composers to think outside of the box. Yeah? They can be any length, any instrumentation, there are NO rules to this. if nobody wants to participate because you've made a challenge too difficult, that's YOUR problem and you should revamp your challenge to be more accessible.

Ask questions below. :)

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Ok, here's the thing: I've posted a challenge (10-bars challenge). So, the major rules about Challenges doesn't say anything about judging or anything else in return to the "Challenged ones". As the creator of this challenge, I'm commenting on every submission, but not thinking on separate reviews os even a winner. Could you be more specific about the "responsabilities" of the challange creator? (please, the deadline is coming...)

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do you think we can include in this competitions to specific composers, as in, "I challenge you to a competition" and the two would write a piece and someone would judge it and one will be the winner while the other cries in shame? like a fight but without the fight. I dunno, it just seems like a fun idea

Sounds very interesting... and frightening! \o/

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