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Challenge: 10-Bars Piano Miniature


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So the premisse is: composing a 10-bars piano miniature (the title is really self-explanatory). How can you develop a musical idea in few measures?

Important observations: repetiton marks ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! Do not put Dal Segno, Rittornello or anything else that simply repeats. Each measure must be played only once.

Also, you can easily "cheat" the rules by using a really big time signature, like 50/2, and a very slow tempo, and lots of semiquivers. It's not valid! I don't want to put the strict limits about which time signatures and tempi are allowed, but be honest to yourself, hehe.

The deadline is October 10th (one week).

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Conciseness (I don't even know if this word exists). I saw once in a recital from the Course of Composition (in the University) some piano miniatures that had to be composed within few bars (I don't remember if only 10). I've proposed this challenge to se if YC composers can deal with such a limited amount of measures and still convince with a musical idea. That is: to be concise and still musical (here, the concept of "concise" was taken to an extreme; I've thought about even fewer bars (8-bars), as Czerny did in his Op. 821; althou it's a educational work, for piano students, I liked it and decided to challenge the composers to write few bars with good musical quality, not only for educational purposes).

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What is the slowest tempo/time signature limit?

As I said in the beginning, I don't really want to put strict limits on it, I just don't want people to exaggerate with an enormous time signature (ex: 120/2) and a very slow tempo (like whole-note = 10 bpm). These are NOT limits, but extreme examples of exaggeration. Just be fair with the purpose of being concise. You could pick a commonly used time signature, or a not so usual one. Just don't "create" the space for too many notes, in attempt to compensate the small quantity of measures. If you believe you're following the "rules" (and people from YC too), that's OK^^

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