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Matching Saxophone Notes With Playback (Finale)

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I am trying to compose a few saxophone solos on Finale 2008 and I am having a difficult time because when I put the notes in I hear certain pitches, but when I have the computer play it back for me the pitches change.  I think this is because saxophone is an E flat instrument and it might be playing it back to me in concert pitch.  Is there a way I can match up the pitches so that I can hear it, hum it, and keep composing?


Thank you!



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Hi J.P.,


From the user manual:




Choose Document > Display score in concert pitch. If this option is selected, all music appears in its untransposed form (concert pitch) and a checkmark appears next to the menu item. When this option isn’t selected, any staff you’ve defined as a transposing staff will appear in its transposed form, just as it will when the part is extracted.



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