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Ow, My Head...

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Hi guys!


So, I disappeared for a bit. Life got rough. I ended up needing to get some major health help, and I kind of dropped off all my online responsibilities for a while during my recovery. 


In any case, I'm back around for the time being. I'm getting some surgery done in June, and I'll be on rest for the next few months. 


For personal news, I am graduating from IU Jacobs School of Music with a BM in Vocal Performance and a minor in composition. I'm returning in the fall for my Masters. I also got an Associate Instructor position at IU, where I'll be teaching voice.


For composer news, I just finished a song cycle that a friend of mine is premiering in the fall. Should be fun! I am also working on my first one act opera based on Samson and Delilah! I'll be posting the libretto tonight for your scrutiny. I am sure that this will keep my attention for quite some time. 


For vocalist news, I just premiered a one man concert opera in February. I am also doing some chorus work in Magic Flute at IU, and I am preparing to produce the Baritone role in an opera called Thump. It's based on Edgar Poe's Tell Tale Heart.


I will get to work on posting that libretto and review some pieces! Hope y'all are well.



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