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Hello All,

I am a newbie to this website, posting in an enigmatic flurry of well cooked excitement.

I am a writer, I am writing a book; I am seeking co-authors; a collaboration to illustrate eachother with score and story.

As I am sure with overstanding of the nature something bearing fruition and the insecurities it holds; I will only, for the time present, share a basic premise... In a hope that it will wet an appetite or two.

So then, the book is about the journey of several (unrecognised) musicians and their discovery of music, their passions, turmoils, differences and identities found within it.

I am looking for upto 5 composers to collaborate with. (My story, your score, and probably some evolvement of both in between)

This is not a paid position until, the book is published; and in my socialistic disposition; profits (of any nature) are earned equally. Realistically, this will be a fair amount of work, and I expect will take between six months and a year to complete and a reasonable pace to fit in with our existing lives; so if you are short of dedicating to a new project (or capable) I hope this is for you.

The finer print; I feel is something as creatives I hope we can hash out in path of getting to understand each other and the works. A formal contract will be drafted, which will be manifested and agreed by all before anything commences.

Closing date for applications is 20/04/2015.

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