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Professional Mixing Services - First One Is On Me!

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If anyone is in need of a professional mix I'd like to offer my services. And that's right, the first one is on me! Of course, please don't ask me to mix an entire film or album, but I will mix a scene, theme, movement or piece for free one time per person. I am based out of Nashville Tennessee where I have a mixing room. I own a lot of terrific gear and my room is very very good. Of course, on higher end budgets I can easily block out a week in a larger format room. 


I have been a mixing engineer for over 10 years now, my passion is Scores and Orchestral music, but to pay the bills I have mostly been mixing pop country and bluegrass. I would like to migrate into mixing film scores and orchestral pieces. My rate can be discussed and highly depends on the project, I have no set rate, but I do work with you and your budget as best I can to make it a good deal for both of us. 


Ideally the source material needs to be of good quality in order for me to provide you with a useful and dynamic mix. I can't work miracles and I won't spend all day fixing things, it kills creativity on my end and my insight and creativity is the reason you'd be working with me, to provide a fresh set of ears on your work and to take it to another level emotionally and sonically. I'm not so interested in live recordings, obviously if they are great recordings I would prefer them, but, I would much rather have sequenced material that is arranged properly than I had poorly arranged and recorded live performances. 


That's pretty much what I can offer, I have the tools necessary to work in this industry so no need to worry about my technical capabilities. I do occasionally do this type of material, so I am set up for it. 


If you're interested, please email me at Jerome@boulevardmixingstudio.com to discuss your ideas. 





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