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Question On Music Uploading

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When you upload something, it is associated with your personal profile and not to a thread or section. There are no "topics" or instruments as such for uploading. It's your music, you can do what you want. Try it. Upload something and give follow the questions on its description and classification. It will show up under that category. In short, yes you can include any instrument you want and the system will not stop you.

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You can upload into whatever section you feel is best, from the loose categories. Orchestral, Big Band and so on... On a related topic, how are links to be embedded in an upload to the sections of the site with actual music (i.e. audio)? My previous uploads were done with the on-site player, and because of my own bandwidth limits at the time, I could never get them to play properly. I seem to remember I had some difficulty working out how to include a link. I'm supposing I can do it here with the "link" button on the interface, like this:




and I'm asking since I have a small-capacity server with my audio files on it. Is there a similar link button in the uploads section?


On a related topic, what does the "Attach Files" option do? Maximum single file size 200MB but where are these stored? Do people upload MP3s there?


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