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Pieces You Know You Need To Finish

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The ones I've started, told someone about, and they got excited on my behalf.  If someone bothers to listen and feign interest to what is, for a lot of people, a boring and self-involved topic, I now owe it to them to finish it.  (Not to twist their arm to get them to come to the concert, though!)

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There's a particular piece has a funny story, it's called "Cartoon" and suppose to be a funny piece, it is for piano, and is not hard to play, is not very complex in any form, is currently about 6 minutes of 10 I originally planed for it... anyway, I started writing it maybe in 2003 or so, and for some really unknown reason to me I haven't finished it, I write very few notes and then it takes years and again a few more notes, somehow I rapidly loose the interest on it every time I attempt to continue, but I always postpone without any rush. When I finish you won't believe it took so long for such a silly thing.

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