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The Secret Life of Puppets

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This is an alternate score for the stop motion animated film, "Street of Crocodiles," by the Brothers Quay, released in 1986. Since there is only music here you will have to use your imagination as to what the puppets are doing and why. The elevator takes you down to where they live, which is very dark and mysterious. Produced with synthesizers and some help of BBC Sound Effect CD's.

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Wow, it's beautiful.

The way some sounds are intertwined with the music is wonderful. For example the clock at the beginning, because it's not regular pattern compared with the music.

Yes, the general mood is mysterious. It seems to me there are alternative scales sometimes.

There are percussive instruments that reminds to the puppets (marimba or vibraphne, perhaps).

Another thing I like is that you are using the "proper" numbers of instruments (at the same time). Some people, when writing scores with electronic instruments are fond of filling every single "space" with lots of instruments and sounds, so dense that it is a bit messy.


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I'd be curious to know what all is on the BBC sound effect CDs.  I've never heard of them before.  You can just buy them and use them like other sound libraries?  Do I hear a Cimbalom?  :D  I wish there were a way you could mesh this with the film for us to see, but I suppose that would introduce copyright issues.  Excellent!

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First, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. It is a lengthy work. I used to throw in the kitchen sink a lot, but I think I've matured and have learned the skill of proportion. It's a bad habit. I rarely win competitions because I think judges naturally gravitate towards the busiest and showiest orchestrations. Which is why most competitions kind of suck, including Olympic figure skating imo. There is one thing I'll mention that was complete luck was this: There is s scene where one puppet picks up a baton, gives four beats and proceeds to conduct a puppet orchestra. It was in perfect sync with my clock sound effect. I didn't have to adjust a thing. If you saw it you'd say, Wow, he must have worked hard to sync that up, but no. It was completely fortuitous.

I'm very proud of this and for a while it was on youtube in its entirety. The original composer was Jankowski and is very good. The animation didn't need my version, of course, but Hey ... the only thing in common is the use of a Chinese Dulcimer (Cimbalom?), which I used as bookends. After it climbed over 2000 likes, Zeitgeist Films had it removed. If YC allowed videos, I'd post it here.

The BBC sound effects were acquired from my local library. They are supposed to be used this way. They have all kinds. Indoor, outdoor, nature, urban, mechanical, gibberish baby sounds, etc. No copyright issues with using them.

Thanks again.


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