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Hi everyone!

This is another composition I wrote for solo piano. It's called Ballerina and I wrote the main theme in early 2013,but I didn't finish the piece until the late 2014.

When it comes to the style I think it's got elements of romanticism and contemporary piano music. Judging of this is up to you guys,please let me know what you think :)

There's a nice story behind this video. Peter Nagy- a legend of Slovak popmusic,great singer/songwriter and a great photographer came up with the idea of paying tribute to a talented young Japanese ballet dancer Aya Watanabe, he made a few photos of her and asked me for my permission to use my piece Ballerina for this video and It was a real pleasure for me so obviously I agreed :) He liked the piece very much and so I hope you will too! Any criticisms are welcome of course!


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I'm hearing the same chord progression, a nice one, from the film Amelie. But your treatment is much more romantic and fleshed out a bit more. I don't hear Dubussy and certainly not Satie. But each to his own. For its length I felt that it needed more variation on the theme. You repeated it many times exactly the same. And that can get boring. I won't back seat drive you and tell you how to do it, only that you should look into it. But its a lovely melody.

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