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This is a short piece based on a nonatonic scale (which has no specific name):  C - C# - D - E - F - F# - G - A - B

The harmony comes from the combination of the notes of the scale, don't expect "normal" chords.

Now I'm working in the second part of the "suite" using this scale.


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I appreciate how there's a definable melody amongst the odd intervals. I'm just confused as to why the eighth notes aren't beamed, but I'm sure there's a good reason. Is it because the top and bottom lines have different internal beats? But the rest of this was cool! Good work.

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I like the way the nonatonic scale takes on a "tonal" feel.  There is a definite recurring tonality to the work.

Good job.  I really enjoyed this.

I am curious, why three staves?  Is this a four hand piece?  (Sorry, don't play piano, so I'm not sure.)

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Thanks for your comments.

I like exploring new harmonies.

Sometimes, in this kind of "contemporary" pieces, although the time signature is 6/8 for example, the internal rhythm doesn't fit to what a normal 6/8 is. So, i prefer not to beam. Many great composers chose not to write any time signature at all.

It's not a four hand piece. When the notation is dense, a third staff is added. That's why there are indications RH (right hand) and LH (left hand). Of course, it must be playable... Again, many times the composers don't write anything about which hand must play the parts. Also, in this type of composition, the sustain pedal must be used almost all the time, but it is not written.

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