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Hi all,

I have recently launched a website to help composers and virtual orchestrators learn how to create an effective midi mockup.


There is currently a launch sale active where you can receive 15% off any order, just use the coupon code LAUNCH15 at checkout.

The current products available include a downloadable project file containing all MIDI data, routing and mix settings, and comment markers to show you exactly how a specific piece of music was 'mocked-up' and what techniques were used to achieve specific articulations and tone. The project file can be downloaded for either Logic or Cubase (more DAWs to be supported in the future).
There is also a fully orchestrated score to accompany the project file for you to reference.

As of this writing, there is only one piece available, which makes use of East West's Symphonic Orchestra sample library, and their Spaces reverb plugin. Both are included with their Composer Cloud subscription.

In summary, you will see everything that was done in order to achieve this result:


If you purchase a product from synthestration.com, you gain access to an exclusive chat server where you can ask an unlimited number of questions about the product, or indeed anything that is on your mind!

Of course, feel free to ask any questions via our contact form on the site, or simply respond in this thread.


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For what it's worth, this site was relaunched a couple of months ago and now has a number of project files available for Cubase and logic, including some for official sample library demos by composer Benny Oschmann.

A popular product at the moment is "Beyond The Storm", using Eastwest's Hollywood Orchestra and free or stock plugins.

Projects are available for the following sample libraries:

  • Eastwest Hollywood Orchestra + Choirs (or Composer Cloud)
  • Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra Gold (or Composer Cloud)
  • Best Service's The Orchestra by Sonuscore
  • Best Service's The Orchestra Complete 2 by Sonuscore
  • Berlin Inspire 1 by Orchestral Tools
  • Berlin Inspire 2 by Orchestral Tools

...with plenty more in the pipeline!

If getting hands on with complete project files of orchestral mockups is something you're interested in, this is probably worth checking out. 🙂



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