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I have an idea in mind, but I don't know if it's crazy or what.

Usually I like masses and requiems, the most ancient and the modern ones, too. For long, I've been thinking about how to express my sensations regarding Catholic ryte (the one I know). I don't want to imitate the classics, nor the ones before...

So, I wanted something more "mine", intimate,... I 've made a couple of sketches of what would be a Mass for solo piano. Yes, odd, but why not? I think this has been already done (but I can't find it on youtube). Anyway, it would be my own mass. I'd like your opinion:

1. The language, which is my natural (right now).... Expresionism, impresionism, 20th century....

2. I'm considering to add another instrument, a single an melodic instrument (flute or similar) to reinforce some "cantabile" parts.

3. Perhaps I can expand the pieces to other rytes. I'm a catholic by birth, but nothing more. Yes, spirituality is OK for me, but religions? So I should open it and use other different names than introito, kyrie, etc...

These two pieces are incomplete (well, perhaps the introito is finished)...


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1. In 02, clearly serialism, but overall 20th century; I hear Stravinsky in here personally. 
2. Do you know what a Shakuhachi is. I can see what you mean by flute and think that a shakuhachi would be a very interesting addition to something like this.
3. There's nothing wrong with those names in my opinion, but if it's supposed to be more universal, I'd start from here, honestly.

I can't say I understood the 1st movement all that much in terms of the chords. Some of them felt unnecessarily atonal, but overall it fits well, I suppose.

The second was cool in terms of where the tones lined up with each other, but some of the rhythms still got me scratching my head a little. Not like in a Webern way... more in a questioning way.

This has the potential to be really awesome and unique. I hope you find what you're looking for soon.

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Thanks. Very helpful, indeed.

Yes, I know the shakuhachi. Interesting sound, and perhaps it's what I was looking for. I have developed the second track adding a shakuhachi and it fits! I have also simplified the polyrrhythm in this part, and you were right: is more effective. It was too soon to complicate the things.

I don't know what I'll do with this idea but something will be born from it...


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This is fascinating. I'm not very familiar with the famous masses and requiems, but I'm planning on studying the greatest ones soon. Anyways, I look forward to seeing what comes out of this. To me, it is always fascinating hearing and seeing art based on spiritual subjects, since they can mean so many different things to different individuals. 

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