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Not only was that terrifying to listen to...but it was also quite intense almost on a film score level.

(The fact you used a Night at Freddy's or is that a Silent Hill: The Room picture? Gave me a sense of what you were aiming for here.)

I can definitely see this as a part of the game where the player is being chased and forced to make quick decision or suffer the consequence of a lot of jump scares.

I will say this though I think there were a few clashing bits but not too overwhelming where it ruins the experience. 

Amazing brother.

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Makes a great atmosphere. I was initially worried about the high percussion, but it ended up being supported really well by the rest of the piece. 
I disagree with LostSamurai in that clashing tones that don't resolve always have their place, and when they glissando into each other, it always affects dynamic levels quite effectively. Nothing stays too long in this piece and that's admirable; maybe change the bass a bit, but otherwise it was quite good.


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I realized it  sounds funny instead of scary especially that ending part I listened to it and I laughed so hard what am I composing? Anyway, I''ll change it soon as soon I will add a melody to it as my other wips are completed...

Good reviews guys. I'll stick to making suspense music for now while I'm still learning notes maybe after many years I'll compose something good...

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