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I wrote this as a part-writing exercise, recorded the audio and paul-stretched it. Then I added some paul-stretched finger snaps and hand noises with a little reverb and equalizing. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this was! :)

I've uploaded a pdf of the chorale I used for anyone who's curious. Any comments about either my finished product of the chorale would be welcome, I'm using chorale writing as a "workout" to strengthen some skills I've been working on.

p.s the sound you hear @ 1:18 is the school bell ringing... I caught it as I was recording. It surprised me when I listened, but liked it so I kept it.

Thanks y'all!

Gustav Johnson

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It sounds like this is focused more on the atmosphere if that is the case its perfect and it's quite eerie almost like you are going to face off against a huge dragon hahaha.

However I noticed there isn't no major build up into something that could carry this deeper into the levels of frightened territory. Granted I know this was posted in the Incomplete section.

I would love to hear more of this as it further develops.

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Your part writing is a bit off... crossed voices in the cello and viola and split voices between the viola and violin are the two main problems here. You also end on a suspended (to be retarded, of course) chord. It'd be fine if there was one present and you just added an eleventh, but the way you lead into it (virtually the same chord) and how it gets there is off as well. Interesting chord change at 7, and perhaps it would be a better way to factor it in if it kept resolving correctly. Measure 9 also uses a pivot chord that does not resolve correctly.

Sounds fine, definitely, just not sure how much you wanted to adhere to the rules. 

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5 minutes ago, Gustav Johnson said:

Are you reading the viola in Alto Clef? If so, my alto clef reading must be rustier than I thought!


For the voice spacing to be correct between cello and viola, the viola would need to be up one octave, most of the time. Sometimes it's still off that way.

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