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I'm not sure if this goes in the "orchestral and large ensemble" subforo...

I see the music for films or games is becoming very popular here. Usually, the music of this type is "cinematic", with "epic" sounds, etc... But this is differente. I don't know what kind of film you have in mind, but the music itself is nice. This is s style I call "simplist". No complicated harmony, nor rhythm. No variation... I know it is also very popular nowadays, an effective for many people.

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I moved this to the appropriate forum, as you'll see in the map above.
First of all, please don't end on the VII chord... it sounds so incomplete. It's not game music, so there's no reason for this.
The emotion of the piece is sucked out for me by the chord progression. It delightfully changes in the middle, granted, but the repetition was too much for me. I wasn't focusing on the melody any longer, but when the chord progression would change. Again, I'm glad it did, but maybe it overstays its welcome here.
The difference in quality between the piano sound and the violin sound in that one section is really weird... what library do you use?


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