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Seven Variations on a Rossini's Theme (Fall 2016 Competition Submission)

Emiliano Manna

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Variazioni Rossini.mp3

My submission! Based on the Aria from Armida "Germano, a te richiede..." at https://youtu.be/GdY_A4gQQSg?t=15m31s (begins at around 15:30 in the video) 

Click on the Program Notes for lengthier details on the piece. A quite (a lot!) difficult piece and surely not my best work, but it's fairly silly :grin:

Thank you for listening!

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Ok so this is one of the best entries so far, and they've all been impressive. I find myself favoring the entries whose variations flow into one another more naturally which includes this entry. The sixth, seventh and eighth are my favorites, and they all blend together really nicely. Maybe a little too much so but I'll leave that determination to the judges. With this, I've finished listening to all the entries and this was as fitting as any for a 'finale' to my experience. Good luck in the competition!

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