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Three Sententiae for Alto Recorder Op. 286


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This is my second composition for alto recorder, a set of three sententiae.

I am submitting it as my second entry to Christian Perrotta's challenge for solo alto recorder pieces:


Here is the link to my first alto recorder piece:


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A lot of jumps in pitch, atmosphere, and tone... I think a more developed combination of these three would have yielded a better result. Especially with the more awkward themes like No. 3. I just imagine sitting there confused and then all of a sudden it's put into context and it makes sense.
Some of these almost sound atonal in the way you use pitches in these little bursts. I'm not sure how intentional that was but it sounds a little bit outside of the norm/normal compared to the rest of the piece. 
Christian can judge on playability. 

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Thanks Monarcheon for your review. Yeah, I realized I must have breached the waters of atonality at some points, since there was no discernible key. But that's the way these three sententiae turned out. Indeed, in retrospect, perhaps the third one could have used a little more development....

Regarding playability, I agree Christian can judge that.

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